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Genuine first edition of Cory Smith's book "Actuality". Read the accomplishments of the aircraft flying in the Fleet Marine Corps today, stories of some of the men and women currently serving, and get a glimpse of the actuality of the situation in Afghanistan and Iraq.

- A compilation of photos & stories 3 and a half years in the making

- Never before seen photos and stories

- Contributions by Marine Officers, Active Enlisted, and Retired
Book quality:

Every book comes in a 10" by 8" landscape format with a hard cover image wrap, and premium paper with a matte finish. Book contains 80 full color pages with visually stunning print quality.
With articles on 6 different Marine Corps aircrafts, 9 "Women in War" character studies, portraiture of local people, and stills from urban and remote places of the countries, "Actuality" is sure to give you new insight to the occurrences in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Release Date: July 15th 2010

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